2017-03-23 (3)

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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Cybercrime has been one of the real great threats for any countries. It has a very large impact and threats that range from the national security, economic prosperity to the public safety. Cybercrime is also emerging all the time along with the highest technology and the development of the internet. The criminal acts such as theft, fraud, illegal gambling, the sale of fake medicine, threats, bullying and so on are now can be found on the internet.

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Today’s meeting between Indonesia and South Korea in the Laboratorium HI, Parahyangan Catholic University, has resulted in both parties signing an agreement on cooperating to combat cyber-threats through enhancing cyber security and cyber infrastructure. The meeting was first initiated by Indonesia in order to work together and learn from South Korea as Korea has a more advanced technology. By signing the agreement, both parties will share expertise and do training to assist every activity regarding cyber-threats. The cooperation is also intended to educate cyber users as a means to create a safe and clean cyberspace.

Indonesia and South Korea hoped that the agreement will then continue and strengthen the relation between Indonesia and South Korea that has existed before, and can make a safe and clean cyberspace into a realization.

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