2017-03-23 (3)


Friday, April 7th, 2017

India and Kenya are signing the Memorandum of Understanding which contains their plan to develop cyber infrastructure in Kenya by India, in Rektorat Building, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia.

India initiated to build cooperation with Kenya by developing cyber infrastructure in Kenya. Shortly afterwards, India will be transferring expertise from the field of Information Technology and Operation Technology sectors to Kenya. India was eager to help Kenya developing cyber infrastructure because they want to develop e-government in Kenya like, for example, Digital India.

“We really promote every electronic-based system to be implemented in developing countries. In fact, we make the developed countries as our references for cyber governance, and we want to distribute it to all the developing countries, and this MoU is called as the real action in enhancing a better cyber governance in developing countries, specifically Kenya,” the representative of India said.

India hopes that this cooperation would build a stronger relationship than before, between both parties, by promoting a better cyber infrastructure for Kenya.

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