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Friday, April 7th, 2017

Placed on Laboratorium HI, Parahyangan Catholic University, the United States held a bilateral meeting with each of three states, two international organizations, and seven multinational corporations. The aims of the meeting are to achieve an open, safe and cyberspace and resulted in the Memorandum of Understanding and agreement signing.

The bilateral meeting that was held between the United States and other state, started from Kenya, Germany, and Brazil. The cooperation focused on enhancing and strengthening the cyber security and cyber infrastructure. The United States committed to provide the internet system and technology and the cyber education that can be accessed by all civil society in Kenya. The United States also committed with Germany to implement some behavior of norms in cyberspace and strengthen the platform to achieve an openness and safe internet. Based on the same vision in implement the international norms by protecting data and privacy of all sectors, Brazil and the United States committed to creating the cooperation that is beneficial and positive to all parties and to enhance the cybersecurity in both states.

The main purpose of the United States in this cooperations is to enhance critical cyber infrastructure and security, in effort to achieve it, the United States also cooperates with seven multinational corporations which include Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Booz Allen, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle, to provide the open and safe internet for all. The United States agreed to cooperate with each MNCs to develop the cyber-infrastructure for both internal and external territory of the United States by providing funding, assistance, and also research and development center. While the MNCs are willing to provide the technology and technical assistance to socialize the cyber education to promote the use of the internet by prioritizing the responsible and safety. Apple as one of the MNCs also plans to build the research and development center in three specific regions of the United States, Massachusetts, New York and California. While Facebook is willing to minimize the cyber-attack by sharing cybersecurity data to the stakeholder who needs it.

The United States also cooperates with international organization that are The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and ICANN. Cooperation between INTERPOL and the United States’ Cyber Crime Center or C3 under the Department of Homeland Security aims to increase the domestic cooperation in cybercrime. The United States and INTERPOL aim to prevent the cybercrime specifically on child exploitation and intellectual property hacking. The United States also promoted the crucial instrument of cyber-infrastructure by implementing the DNS Sec, IPv6 and L-Root to achieve a safe, stable and resilience cyber-space. Both United States and ICANN also encourage other parties to also implement the standardization protocol from ICANN on behalf of a better and safer cyber governance.

By cooperating with multi-sectors like MNCs, International Organization, States, and Media, the United States shows its commitment in using multi-stakeholderism as an approach. The representative of the United States said that multi-stakeholderism approach is a proper way to achieve a better cyber-governance and increasing the interaction between all actor in the international world. The United States hopes that this cooperation will lead to another cooperation to create an open and safe internet for a better cyber security and cyber infrastructure.

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