Thursday, April 12th, 2017

Russia has addressed the hacking allegations made by Yahoo Inc. by releasing a press release on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017. Earlier yesterday, Yahoo Inc. has given statement about the hacking that took place in 2014, where the database of Yahoo. Inc got breached and millions of information were exposed by the hacker. The event had damaged Yahoo Inc. as the one that provides electronic mail service.

The representative of Yahoo Inc. said that Russia was guilty for this, as the people who allegedly hacked the database were Russians and members of Federal Security Services of the Russian Federations (FSB). Russia found this allegation to be unfavorable. To clarify about the allegations, Russia has released a clarification in a form of press release. “We have learned about the current situation from the media, thus we hereby ensure that Russia, especially the FSB, is not involved in any kinds of information attacks against other entity, which in this case is Yahoo Inc.,” said the Director of the Federal Security Service, Asiila Kamilia. She also added that Russia has always prioritized good cooperation with other entities to protect the security of information sphere.

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