2017-03-23 (3)


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Google and Indonesia are cooperating in the field of cyber, especially on cybersecurity, information sharing, human rights in cyberspace, and cyber infrastructure. Both parties are focusing on developing cyber security, also to develop Project Loon, the project by X (formerly Google X), to help to provide the internet to the rural area. The representative of Indonesia said that the project will be helpful for the country to spread the internet throughout Russia. With the implementation of the project, Google will help Indonesia to make accessible internet infrastructure in the rural areas.

Other than that, Google and Indonesia will find human resources within Indonesia to help Google developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will later help Indonesia protect cybersecurity. Both parties are also agreed to develop internship program for Indonesian. Other than that Google will also help Indonesia to establish the national cyber institution.

This agreement is predicted to cause a good result for both parties as Google is the most-used search engine in Indonesia, and Google is also has a lot of user in Indonesia as one of the most populated countries in the world. With this agreement, both parties hope that the cooperation between them will be stronger in the future, as they also respect their respective regulation.

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