2017-03-23 (3)


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Taking place in front of Audio Visual Room, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Building, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia, Kenya and Turkey committed to make cooperation by signing the Memorandum of Understanding about the information exchange, cyber infrastructure and cyber security.

As states that are still developing, specifically in the field of cyber, both Kenya and Turkey are initiated to enhance and strengthen the cooperation between them. The cooperation involves the information exchange about the ICT Research and Development to also help Kenya develop their cyber infrastructure, which still in the early phase of development, to achieve a good standard of infrastructure. They also aim to open a better communication to prevent any kind of cyber crime and cyber attack, specifically the cyber terrorism that has been a big threat for many states in the world.

With this cooperation, both parties showed their active participation in creating a good and safe cyber governance, by enhancing and strengthening the cyber security and cyber infrastructure. Kenya and Turkey also hopes that the cooperation will be a good start for them to continue a good relationship and be the first step towards more cooperation in the future.

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