2017-03-23 (3)


Monday, April 17th, 2017

Three countries including Swiss, Germany, and United Kingdom were signing an agreement named Zurich Agreement on a multilateral meeting that was being held on Monday, April 17, 2017, in Zurich, Swiss. This agreement was made to strengthen the cooperation between three countries, also to address the irresponsible hacker group, Harkonnen Operation.

The Harkonnen Operation was a group made by irresponsible hacker that had operated since 2002 and remained undetected until 2014, that had attacked entities such as private sector and government in Austria, Swiss, and Germany. Seeing the long-time undetected cybercrime, all three countries agreed to establish an active cooperation to prevent cyberthreat by forming an intergovernmental council in the field of cybercrime. The agreement also stated their plan to increase the cyber capabilities of the states involved.


Swiss as the initiator believed that this is an important matter that needs attention. The United Kingdom and Germany also believed that cooperation was needed to develop a better cybersecurity within their respective countries. All countries involved hope that they can create a better cyberspace, also strengthen the relationship between three countries, and prevent the cyberthreat in the future.

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