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Thursday, April 20th, 2017

On Thursday, April 20th, 2017, Kenya held a Pre-Summit Press Conference that took place in Nairobi. By holding the press conference, Kenya expressed their highest gratitude for the cooperation coming from the states, Multi-National Corporations, International Organizations, and the Media. Kenya also hoped through the agreements and MoUs that have been produced together with other actors would then meet the objectives and bring improvement within the country and its people.

During the press conference, Kenya explained that the issue of cyber development is an important issue that has been taken seriously by them. It is also proven by their efforts in enhancing their cyber development and increasing the capability of their people regarding the related issue through making ICT Masterplan and also working closely with both states and non-state actors that resulted in achieving the improvement of their cyber infrastructure and strengthen the cyber security.

Now that they have achieved and strengthen the improvement of their cyber infrastructure and cyber security, they are now working on the Konza Techno City Project that soon will be Kenya’s smart city. In addition to that, Kenya added that they have created an Internet Government Forum that will be held once a year and the existence of the representative from the government, private sectors, scholars, and the media will be involved in the sharing and discussion sessions. They believed that the involvement of all actors would be the key success for the cyber development.

In the end of the press conference, Kenya hoped that the upcoming summit would bring a fruitful discussion with all parties that are also willing to work together and create the best solutions for all. Kenya are also looking forward to share and willing to give assistance if it’s needed in their region. Lastly, Kenya expected that the summit would be the opening door for cyber development in Kenya and other countries in the Africa region as they believe that cyber development goes along with economic growth so that in the long run, the poverty can be reduced.

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