2017-03-23 (3)

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

The Government Summit on Cyber Governance was held on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017, in New Delhi India. The summit has produced a draft blueprint to explain how cyber governance should be conducted. In the summit, the delegation of the United States, Kenya, and Switzerland have been chosen as the governments’ representative in the World Summit on Cyber Governance.

The representative from the United States stated that they believed the definition of cyber governance should be multidisciplinary, multistakeholder, and multisector, as it urges states to cooperate with non-state actors. Regarding the annex, they did not propose it as the definition is in line with their view on cyber governance. The representative of Kenya also said that they hold the principle of multi-stakeholderism because they believed that the involvement of states and relevant non-state actors are important for the cyber governance. In addition, they also stated that the definition produced in the draft can conclude their objectives and also accommodate all states interests. But the representative from Switzerland said even though they support the multi-stakeholderism approach, the states have their own sovereignty as they recognized the importance of other actors but they thought that those actors should not harm the national interests of states.

The representatives all said that the summit has been conducted well. There were argumentations and modifications in the summit, but it was said to be fruitful as the draft blueprint has accommodated states’ interests and the states were able to reach consensus, despite the difference in opinion as the states all have their own opinion regarding the cyber governance. The representatives also said that they hope the meeting could produce a good outcome in a form of blueprint that could accommodate the interests of all states and non-state actors regarding the cyber governance.

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