2017-03-23 (3)

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

During the World Summit on Cyber Governance on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017, in New Delhi India, our reporter interviewed the representative of MNCs which are Apple and Booz Allen. In the previous summit that has been passed by all parties, there are various challenges towards the summit caused by the differences of interests between parties.

The representative of Booz Allen said that, “The important things in the opinion of the MNCs are the common understandings and acknowledgment. Both parts and blocks in the states fundamentally have the same understanding of the legal aspect, which is the state has the utmost legal rights and they have the rights to execute the law.”

“However, in delivering our policy recommendations we had phrased the idea incorrectly. Each MNCs have their own interests and expertise regarding the matter,” said the representative of Booz Allen. “We would also like to make cyber governance as a guidance that could be implemented for all multi-stakeholders in this World Summit on Cyber Governance,” the representative of Apple added.

Both Apple and Booz Allen hoped that the blueprint that is going to be adopted would accommodate the needs and rights of all parties.

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